DNA Takes Unsightly Fire Escape to Planning Committee

Photo of 130 Herkimer with fire escapeThe DNA recently dealt with the issue of an unsightly fire escape at 130 Herkimer and appeared before the planning committee as a delegation on Tuesday May 15th. Please see the presentation and the subsequent article in the Hamilton Spectator.
See the DNA’s delegation to the planning committee
See the  article in the Hamilton Spectator


2 Responses to DNA Takes Unsightly Fire Escape to Planning Committee

  1. The DNA will continue to monitor and are awaiting the staff report and ultimately changes that will ensure that this never happens again, not only in the Durand, but across the entire City.

    Thank you to the residents who alerted the DNA to this issue.

  2. What is wrong with the councillors in this city???? – they let this happen and act surprised – the fire escape looks horrible, it brings down the value of my home and then they UP MY PROPERTY TAXES!!!
    This fire escape is appalling – I say take it down and build a true New York style fire escape with a ladder that drops down when needed!!! Then we don’t have to look at the ugly thing!

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