Brian McHattie’s Motion for Two-Way Streets

The DNA is very excited to see that Brian McHattie has put forward a motion to convert one-way streets to two-way streets.  The full motion can be read here.

The Downtown Transportation Master Plan is far behind schedule and it is high time council decides to act on its plans.

The DNA is also pleased to see that McHattie has highlighted the need to convert Cannon and Queen Street.  We have wanted to see Queen Street converted and traffic calming measures implemented for some time.

Please contact our councillor, Jason Farr, to support this motion!


3 Responses to Brian McHattie’s Motion for Two-Way Streets

  1. Ralph & Melodie Pritchard

    We are in full agreement that the conversion study recommendations should be carried out ASAP. We are very concerned re the safety of pedestrians on Queen street related to the speed of the average vehicle. Existing from Duke street to Queen is always a a problem with oncoming traffic.

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