1 St James Place and Demolition Request

Hamilton Municipal Heritage Meeting – Thursday November 26, 2015, 12 Noon

Please join us in Council Chambers at Hamilton City Hall to help the residents and members of the DNA stop Victor Veri from demolishing this designated house.  You will have the opportunity to speak at this public meeting.  Or send an email to Councillor Farr and ask that he forward to the Committee.  And if you can,  join us to help stop this demolition and not allow a “parking area” in a very desirable residential area that is located 50 metres from the Markland Heritage District.

One Response to 1 St James Place and Demolition Request

  1. Dear Councillor Farr,
    As a life long resident of Durand, I have accepted the growth of infill necessary in this old historic section of town. I however do not agree this the request to
    especially since it is a classic house from the Bauhouse movement. The Home/office on Markland which is adjacent to it has just been restored. To it’s classic image. The street St. James is residential not commercial. The hospital should be the one to shoulder parking to meet the current or future need.This type of infill only continues to destroy this section of town, but also eats into the balance of commercial and residential. Inner city hubs must meet both needs, but not when it eats into the fabric of the community. Destroying a significant historical home on a pure residential street should not be permitted. Inner city spaces are precious, protecting them long term is necessary. Allowing creeping situations such as this case, should be intolerable, living space is at a premium today; as is a historic home market. The loss of this structure destroys Hamilton’s balance for life,and work space and places added pressure on an already limited historical inner core. Thank you. M. M. Denton

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