Car Thief Arrested

I just wanted to give you the good news that last night our HEAT team arrested a very active criminal in the Durand area that was breaking into vehicles.
He was charged and held on 3 counts of theft and mischief and we are investigating another 25 incidents that we may be able to link to him. This male was known to police and this arrest should make a great impact in our theft from auto’s incidents in the Durand.

Sgt Frank Miscione #754
Division 10 Crime Manager
COAST supervisor
Hess Village Coordinator
155 King William St
Hamilton, On. L8R-1A7
(905) 540-6074

2 Responses to Car Thief Arrested

  1. A big thank-you Frank to you and the HEAT Team. Its nice to hear that these jokers are being caught and held accountable.
    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. Thank you Frank for all your help in catching the bad guys in Durand and elsewhere. The Association is most grateful for all that you do.

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