Good News Items

Hi Duranders,

It’s been an interesting week watching our City Council as they struggle with what to do with the billion dollar gift from the province, but there are always good news stories and here are two, shared by Janice Brown:


I am delighted to introduce you to Olivia, a very special young Durander who I became acquainted with during activities that we have hosted in the Durand Park since our revitalization.  Most recently, her class at Ryerson carved 30 pumpkins for the very successful Spooktakular hosted byDurand Neighbourhood Association last October!

And now, Olivia’s class working on an assignment called “Chase the Future – 2041”, a project that impacts her generation and how she sees her Hamilton in 2041.

On Thursday afternoon while we were both in the park, Olivia asked me if I knew of a space in Durand where she could implement her idea to create a “pollinator garden”.  I suggested she investigate our alleyways.  By that evening, not only had she found a plot of land where a neighbor was more than willing to allow her to do this, but she had her plot cleared and was beginning to cultivate.  I met up with her again on Good Friday (next day) and learned that her teacher would contribute a bag of soil and some seeds.  She will be planting milkweed and other native plants that will attract our pollinators, and the best part is that she has encouraged her friends to plant their own gardens.  As for her alleyway, she wants to make it a living piece of art! I love her creativity, her enthusiasm, her drive and her initiative.  If anyone can help, I know Olivia could use more soil, any native plants that you might be able to donate and mulch.  She has the tools and more importantly the drive!

Olivia plans on creating a 3-D image of her “pollinator garden” and hopes to be a successful candidate in an upcoming special school Festival in May.  You will also be able to see he work at our 45th DNA Anniversary Party in the Park June 24th.

oliviaOlivia – Good Friday – just starting out!

Please email Janice Brown if you can help Olivia with plants, mulch or soil!


The AGH is hosting a walking tour led by Bill Manson, author of Footsteps in Time.  The walk is titled:  Hamilton’s Stone Age of Architecture, 1800-1900:  A Historical Walking Tour with Bill Manson.  You can sign up at this link.  The cost is $40 for AGH members and $50 for non-members.


Spring Durander

Happy Spring, Duranders!

The Spring 2017 issue of the Durander newsletter is now published.  Enjoy the news and updates — as usual, we have a lot on the go here in our busy neighbourhood.

Spring 2017

In this issue:

  • Heritage Updates
  • President’s Remarks
  • Woman of Distinction
  • Crime Stats
  • and more!

Happy Easter!



Message from the Mayor

Hi Duranders,

The Mayor sent the following message to our email address.  As you may know Graham Crawford created a poster of all organizations in Hamilton that support LRT, and we are proud that the Durand NA logo was one of the first on that poster.  Please read the important message from Mayor Fred Eisenberger below, and if you can, attend the rally at City Hall on April 15 to show your support for this project that will bring Hamilton into the 21st century.  Kitchener-Waterloo is on the verge of opening their LRT system and economic uplift is already occurring along their route (as it is along our LRT route).

Hi ,

Thank you for your ongoing support of the LRT project. Council has voted 52 times over 11 years, as you may know. We have 22 staff in the LRT Office working with 10 staff from Metrolinx.  Of note, all of Council voted crucially for the following things:

-the implementation of pages 44 and 45 of the Rapid Ready Report, which details the actions and budget. (except Councillor Jackson who was absent from that vote)

-Fostering the Light Rail Office (except Councillor’s Green and Collins who were absent)

-The Memorandum of Agreement with Metrolinx (except Councillor Collins who was opposed)

-Report PED16-073 spending money on the administration of the LRT office (except Councillor Collins who was opposed)

We voted to implement it and start spending the money, and that is what we will continue to do!

If you haven’t called your Councillor’s Office, I would suggest that you do if you have time. I would also invite you to join me Saturday, April 15th at noon in front of City Hall for a #yesLRT Rally and let’s keep going with our Council approved progressive transit strategy!



Fred Eisenberger
City of Hamilton

45th Anniversary Celebration – June 24th


Ta da!  Thanks to Meaghan Carrocci for all of her hard work and patient listening to input from committee members.  We hope you like our logo for the 45th Anniversary celebration of the Durand Neighbourhood Association.

In case you are new to the neighbourhood, the date for our celebration is June 24th starting at 1 p.m. in Durand Park.  You will enjoy:  Displays, music, vendors, face painting, balloon animals, and much more.  Hope to see you there!



LRT – Important Meeting March 28 at City Hall

The Environmental Project Report Amendment is coming to GIC for approval and there are rumblings of opponents planning to obstruct or delay the project.  Read more details here in this article on Raise the Hammer.  The meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. if you are available to attend.  The RTH article also offers other options to show your support.

If you have not already done so, please take a moment to sign the petition in support of LRT.  There is great potential economic uplift for Hamilton with this investment in higher order transit, and it will improve the transit experience for all users of the HSR.

We know it is tiresome to constantly reiterate support for a project that has been supported by council 52 times, with funding in place, however, this is our reality.  Thank you for your ongoing engagement.